Clients case

Listed real estate company

Production started in Q1 2020

Consolidated quarterly IFRS consolidation

80 entities, comprehensive analysis axis, balance sheet and result by building, fair value management

Pension institution

Start of production for the 2019 closing, Equilibre migration

Unified combination with merger / proforma management

50 funds with 20 entities, result by Management, Retirement and social sector, multiple chart of accounts with publication unification

Group in electrical infrastructure

Start of production for the 2019 closing

Unified monthly IFRS consolidation

80 entities, 50 of which are international, nature and destination income statement by BU

Independent French audit firm

Equilibre Migration

Annual consolidated IFRS consolidation

180 entities, 90 countries, “different visions” with Third-Party Application Maintenance TMA annual

All these references can be the subject of a testimony if you wish

Group of private clinics

Unified monthly IFRS consolidation

Unified monthly IFRS consolidation

Pharmaceutical laboratory

Unified monthly IFRS consolidation

50 entities, 2 EUR / USD restitution currencies, 3 axes of cross analysis on the entire P&L by nature and by destination

Group of EHPAD

Unified monthly IFRS consolidation, management of the IFRS Transition

120 entities and proforma following repurchase by an investment fund

Pharmaceutical laboratory

Unified monthly consolidation French GAAP

50 entities, 4 axes of cross-analysis on the entire P&L by nature and by destination